The Adviser Guide, created to help financial advisers set up or develop their equity release business. It not only outlines the features of the available product propositions, and the qualiļ¬cation routes that are required but also helps guide professionals through the actual advice process, and aims to support them in the practicalities of setting up their marketing portfolios.

Designed to provide a deeper understanding of the market, and the rationale behind equity release being an integral element in the retirement planning arena, we hope you will find this guide useful. We are keen to help professionals engage confidently and safely in this market that should be a feature in all financial adviser portfolio of services.

The Adviser Guide, has been produced and sponsored by Pure Retirement, in conjunction with the Equity Release Council, and many of its members who bring a wealth of experience in this sector, and a willingness to support their peers to their credit.  

We owe them a debt of gratitude for their efforts and contributions.

The Adviser Guide is split into four sections:

1.  Introduction to the Equity Release Market

2. Market background and Marketing Approach

3. Initial Advice Process

4. Completing the Advice Process

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