The Equity Release Council recognises the powerful potential of regular engagement with its membership. Not only with regards to business development and service provision but in terms of the value that sustained dialogue between the Council and its membership has on the Council’s credibility as the representative body of choice for the equity release sector. With that in mind and as part of a wider governance restructure that saw the Council adopt a wholly independent leadership model, the Council has adopted the model below.


March 20, 2019

Member panel

 The member panel is the primary channel for dialogue between members and the Council’s directors and executive. It is made up of up to three representatives from the seven member forums.

March 20, 2019

Member led forums

The seven member-led forums were created to ensure that all members have opportunity to discuss topics of common interest and consider issues affecting them in distinct groups. Some of these forums were a natural evolution of the Council’s former networks, committees and working groups, while others are new entities. They are the: adviser forum; legal forum; policy and communications forum; risk and conduct forum, tech forum, provider forum, and ;funders forum.

March 20, 2019

Working groups

The Council will frequently form working groups aimed at tackling particular issues facing the sector at a given time. Some of these working groups sit under and are made up of members of a particular forum while others are drawn from across the forums or the wider membership. The current working groups concern: accessibility; adviser pinch points; income and expenditure; data sharing standards and application programming interfaces (APIs); innovation and fast forward thinking; tech to support manufacturer and distributors; climate, and; product innovation. 

Members looking for more information should visit the membership hub in the members’ lounge, where they will find the contact details for the chair of each group. Any non-members who wish to engage with the member panel, forums, or working groups should contact [email protected].