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The Council is seeking a Communications Officer (contract)

Equity release has changed. In less than 20 years it’s gone from an unregulated product of last resort to an essential later-life financial planning tool, offering some of the highest levels of consumer protection there are. Unfortunately, not everybody knows this, which is why the Equity Release Council is looking for a new part-time communications officer.

We are the representative trade body for the equity release sector and we’ve already achieved a lot. Membership has doubled recently and despite the challenges of 2020, we remain in growth. Furthermore, in the decade leading to 2018 our market has quadrupled to £3.9bn and it has held relatively steady since.

We believe it is our standards and principles that drive these achievements. We represent the entire equity release value chain, from frontline advisers to financial household names. By joining the Council, each one of our members has pledged to abide by our rules and guidance, going above and beyond statutory regulation to deliver high levels of consumer confidence and promote safe market growth.

However, we still have a long way to go. The ageing population is on the increase and the number of people with inadequate pensions savings is only set to increase too. Meanwhile, there are many who have managed to plan for later life but simply want to enjoy the money tied up in their homes, while they are still alive. Our goal is to support our members to support those people, so they can tap into their property wealth, in a safe and sustainable way.


We are looking for a part-time communications officer on a freelance/contract basis and we can pay up to £30 an hour, for 16 to 24 hours a week. The initial contract will be for about nine months, starting ASAP. There is the potential for the contract to be extended for 12 months, in 2022. You will be UK based and able to work remotely.

Interviews will take place w/c March 9 For more information email [email protected] but CVs and covering letters should be sent to [email protected]

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Open Vacancies

Communications Officer

£25 to £30 per hour

Deadline: March 7