Our competency framework supports equity release advisers' professional development

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The Equity Release Council has launched a competency framework to support financial advisers in their professional development in the equity release market.

It is available to all market participants with the aim of raining standards across the entire market. It was first launched in February 2021 before a refresh in September 2022. During this time the six modules were downloaded about 1,700 times.

The framework provides an educational syllabus with three pathways based on advisers’ levels of experience. Its aim is to guide their development journey by benchmarking their knowledge and skills as well as signposting materials to support their progress.

The Council has worked closely with specialists across the sector, including Canada Life which played a leading role in the production, to develop six in-depth modules which have each been piloted in the field. The modules encompass all areas needed to advise consumers effectively and responsibly.

The six modules are:

  • Know your industry
  • Know your market
  • Know your clients
  • Know your soft skills
  • Know your products
  • Know your processes.

Please see the gallery for a preview of some of the content and  complete the form below, to receive your digital copies..