Government announces updates to the HS2 safeguarding directions

Following the last update in September 2017, this week (June 25) the Government has announced updates to the Safeguarding Directions (safeguarded zone) and zoned property schemes for the Phase 2a section of the route. The design for the HS2 railway from West Midlands to Crewe (known as ‘Phase 2a’) has been updated as a result of changes made during the Parliamentary process, which began in July 2017. This parliamentary process involved Additional Provisions 1 and 2 (AP1 and AP2).

This details the updated publications that any of you working on Phase 2a matters will need to use going forward.

What has changed?

  • Safeguarding Directions for Phase 2a have been updated for the full route
  • We have written to those parties where there has been a change in the zones in relation to their property.
  • The issuing of Directions imposes Town Planning restrictions on property owners, obligations on Local Authorities, has implications for anyone selling a property, and allows affected, eligible property owners to claim full statutory compensation.

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