MCAL Equity Release are one of the leading specialist independent equity release advisers for the over 55s & unlike most advisers we do not charge any fees. MCAL Equity Release only advisers on equity release products and are par of the larger mortgage concepts group. Our main company Mortgage Concepts Associates can advise on Retirement Interest Only mortgages should this be a better option for you. We offer independent, impartial and honest advice - We will always seek your and your family's views, if appropriate, before proceeding with any plan or application. We always ask f you want your family or children to be involved & we are happy for them to be included in the process from start to finish. It is important that we take time getting to understand your personal circumstances & we will recommend a solution or solutions that are specifically tailored to your situation. We want to make sure that you understand that process & we will always make sure that you understand the jargon & will answer any questions that you may have. Mike has worked in financial services for more than 4 years & has been specialising in equity release for over 15 years.

Head Office

60 St Martins Lane