Important notice: how to access the members’ lounge and our new member portal

We’re making changes to our back-office systems to enhance our services and offer you more benefits. The central element of these changes is our new member portal called sheepCRM. Welcome to the flock!

This portal will eventually be used to manage your membership and provide various features such as submitting compliance certificates, booking events, and updating your address. While not all functions are live yet, today’s roll-out will improve password security and lay the groundwork for future improvements.

To start using the new portal, you need to create a password, using the email address we use to contact you. From then on you will use the same email address and password to access both the new portal and the existing members’ lounge.

Your old members’ lounge password no longer works because everything is now managed through the membership portal.

We have made the set-up process as easy as possible by uploading your existing details like name, address, membership, and firm. You only need to go through a two-minute registration process to create your password. Once you complete the set-up, you will be redirected to a landing dashboard page, which may have limited functionality initially. However, additional features will be added in due course.

Please note that for security reasons, we are unable to view or change your password in the system. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Technology can sometimes encounter unexpected issues, so we would appreciate your understanding in case of any challenges during the roll-out. Rest assured, we will keep you informed about the progress and do our best to ensure a smooth experience.

We know it’s quite a lot to take in so, in summary:

  • We’re enhancing our back-office systems to improve services and security.
  • We need you to create a new password for our new member portal using your existing username, which is your email address.
  • You will then use the same username and new password for both the new portal and members’ lounge.
  • You’ll not be able to access the members’ lounge without completing these steps.
  • The member portal functionality is limited at the moment but when we bring new services online we will let you know by email.

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