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The Retirement Bridge Group comprise of various companies who provide, own and manage Home Reversion plans. Bridgewater Equity Release Limited is one of the largest companies in the Group. Bridgewater Equity Release is an award winning leading specialist Home Reversion provider. Established in 1998, Bridgewater helps homeowners in retirement release equity from their home. We offer 3 products including: •tHome Reversion Plan (No Rent)rn•tHome Reversion with Fixed Rentrn•tHome Reversion with Escalating Rent Our with rent Plans also offer optional benefits to cater for those unforeseen or difficult circumstances. For example: -tRent can be reduced by 50% on the death of one spouse if the plan is held in joint names, and/orrn-tRent will cease following attaining age 80, or 85, or 90. These options must be selected at the outset and cannot be added later. The amount of cash released will depend on factors including which product is selected, the customers age, the property value, the amount of rent payable and whether any of the options referred to above have been selected. On completion, day to day management of the Plan will be undertaken by our fellow group subsidiary Retirement Bridge Management Limited. Both Bridgewater Equity Release and Retirement Bridge Management are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). More information can be found on our website

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