We’re one of the UK’s leading providers of specialist financial services solutions, completely focused on meeting the needs of people thinking about, approaching, or in retirement.

We are a business with a purpose – to help people achieve a better later life. As a retirement specialist and a leader in using health and lifestyle information to provide individual personalised solutions, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of customers achieve a better later life.

We know you have an important need you’d like help to finance. That’s why every Just For You Lifetime Mortgage is uniquely built around you. By understanding your health and lifestyle you may get a better interest rate or be able to borrow more.  We estimate six in 10 customers could achieve a better deal. Together with a flexible choice of options, you can be confident our best solution can be tailored ‘just for you’.

A lifetime mortgage is a loan secured against the home.  A lifetime mortgage is not right for everyone and it will reduce the value of your estate.


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