February 08, 2024

Welcome to our newest members

We would like to welcome our newest members to the Council 

New adviser firm 

Glen Ashley – South Woodham Mortgage Solutions 

Ian Watters – Truly Independent 

Ben Hetherington – Advice for later life 

Mark Walker – B Mortgage Services 

Existing Solicitor firm new individual 

Kim Madeley – Waldrons Solicitors 

Rhyannon Andrews, Aimee Evenett, Rebecca Hempstead – Holmes & Hills Solicitors 

Saffia Keegan – Lanyon Bowdler 

Existing member that has moved to a new firm 

Gordon Cunningham – Coffey Brooks Financial Services     

New Advisers new firms 

Darren Winspear – Birch Financial Services  – Used to be a member 

Paul  Semaine – PSA Financial  Services Ltd 

Annette Pellow – Pellow Mortgage Solutions 

Previous members, new firm 

Royston Holmes, Tracy Ellis-Fuller, Tony Collins, Richard Wetherill, John Hook, James Sudworth, Dean Smith, Darren Cohen, Andy Wright, James Jarrold, Peter Rylott – RightHomes Equity Release Ltd 


Scott Nelson – MoneyNerd Limited  

New firm – returning member 

Guy Olson – The Equity Release Partnership 

New Solicitor firm 

Michelle Baker, Carla Sherwin, Gary Forbes – Moss & Coleman Solicitors 

Matthew Barrett, Sabrina Sanger – Barrett Law Limited 

Declan Thomas – Positive Lending 

Dan Parish – XL Independent Financial Advisers Ltd 

Mike Lathbury – One Stop 4 Equity Release 

Jill Shields, Jessica Man – Blain Boland & Co Solicitors 

Gemma Roberts, Sara Higgs – Churchers Solicitors 

Consultancy firm 

Nicola Kenyon – Hymans Robertson LLP

New Adviser firm 

Iain Swatton, Emma Hernandez –  International Property Finance Ltd 

Nicholas Cleathero – Nene Valley Financial Planning 

Deborah Schmid – Kelly Scott Mortgages 

Katie Alldrit – Regal Finance Group 

Craig Oliver – Echo Finance 

Steve Beeton – Berechurch Financial Solutions 

Robin Thomas – RS Financial 

Paul Cobb – The Mortgage Hub 

Chris Mills – Voyage Financial Planning 

Louise Kelly – Flagstone Financial Management 

Kieron Robertson – Autumn Financial Planning 

Suzanne Bungard, Gary Clark – Resolve Financial Solutions 

Deborah Williams – Meredith Morgan Taylor 

Paul Davis – About Mortgages Ltd 

Danielle Pennock, Suhail Esat, Struan Mackenzie, Daniel Evans, Craig Mitchinson, Gary McOwat, Ashley Malpas, Catherine Evans, Roger Dedman, Alison Walker, Richard Lloyd, Richard Staniford, Gerald Evans, Robyn Moss, Ieuan James, Lisa Fox, Tanya Grady, Charlotte Browning, Beverley Ager, Matthew Hayward, Sophia Bell, Matthew White, Brian Muirhead, Beth Mepham, – Aviva Equity Release Advice 

Addo Anyani-Boadum – Ash & Co Mortgages 

Paul Neal – First Choice Financial Services 

William Hunt – Advoco Mortgage Financial Services 

Fraser Scott – Archie John Financial Solutions 

Stefan Stimpson – Bespoke Mortgage Solutions 

Mark Thompson – CS Financial Group Ltd 

Conall Smyth – NTK Mortgage Solutions Limited 

Moray Arnot, Zoe Joyce, Jack Tedford, Joe Di Pace, Gary Booth – Cornerstone Finance Group 

Karen Hunnisett, Katja Mills, Charles Tucker – Charles Cameron and Associates – CC&A 

New Adviser – existing firm 

James Clark Newstead – Clark Financial Services 

Lisa Paton – Just Mortgages 

Jacqueline Lee-Lis – Julian Harris Financial Consultants  

Ian Whittington – Bower 

Paul Smith – The Later Life Lending Network 

Graham Pearce, Jonathan Birkett, Bernard Rus – PK Financial Planning 

Janna   Procter, Natalie Crook – Andrew Nolan Mortgages Ltd 

Philip Atkins, Ella Mitchell – Scottish Widows Advisers 

David George, Matthew Woodgate – Bower 

Connor McMurray – One Stop 4 Later Life,  

Cory Goddard – Foresight Financial Planning 

Andy O’Connor – Bower Home Finance 


Martyn Stones from Countrywide Surveying Services       

Tech Firm 

Gemma Reid – finova 


Grahame Pritchard, James Bilham – Countrywide Corporate Property Services Associates 

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