Housing wealth and fintech platform, Nokkel joins the Council

Nokkel, the house wealth and fintech platform, has joined the Equity Release Council (the Council), the consumer-centric UK trade body which exists to promote high standards of conduct and practice in the equity release sector by putting consumer safeguards at its heart.

Nokkel is an innovative platform that uses technology to provide advisers and their clients with a clear picture of an individual’s investment portfolio – including real time residential property information – to improve financial well-being.

By joining the Council, Nokkel is seeking to leverage this advanced technology to broaden the understanding of housing equity’s role in retirement planning. As part of this ambition, the firm is also keen to work with the wider later life lending industry to make it easier and more effective to make use of property wealth in retirement.

“We are proud to join the Equity Release Council, uniting with top-tier industry professionals to foster innovation in later-life lending and wealth tech spaces,” said Roland Whyte, Founder and CEO of Nokkel. “This collaboration is a cornerstone of our mission, enabling us to harness technology and data to democratise property wealth, offering a vital resource for those in or approaching retirement.”

Jim Boyd, CEO of the Equity Release Council, added: “Up to half of a retirees’ total wealth is made of residential property so it is vitally important that as an industry, we consider how we can allow for better comparison across the various asset classes.

“We are therefore delighted to welcome Nokkel as the newest member of the Equity Release Council and fully support their ambition to work with the wider industry to make it easier to consider housing equity as part of retirement planning.”

  • This press release was produced and issued by Nokkel. The views of contributors are not necessarily shared with the Council.