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Closed book Q&A with Deloitte

Deloitte has provided detailed answers to members’ questions on the closed book element of the consumer duty. The questions were posed during a recent webinar on the same topic. Members can view the webinar and additional closed book guidance that was first published by the Council in April, via the corresponding links. Our thanks go to Deloitte for collaborating on these initiatives.

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Q1 market data 2024

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AGM 2024 slide deck

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New member welcome brochure

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A guide to communicating clearly and simply

The Council has published a 24 page guide to help members communicate clearly and simply with customers in the later life lending market.

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Financial Ombudsman Service complaints data analysis full year 2023

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Audited accounts 2023

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Minutes of the 29th AGM held 20 April 2023.

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Closed book guidance

The Council has launched a key member resource designed to support firms with the continued implementation of Consumer Duty rules and guidance.


The 31 page guide is aimed principally at manufacturers and distributors, but should be useful background reading for all firms involved in our market. We will be hosting a webinar on Wednesday, 17 April at 09.30 am. To register, please click here.


This will be a chance to hear directly from our members Deloitte, who will look at the key areas highlighted in the guide and provide invaluable insights on navigating the requirements set by the FCA.


We encourage all members to take advantage of this resource and participate in the upcoming webinar to help to ensure a seamless transition towards compliance with the Consumer Duty.

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V12.1 Standards Appendix A2 – Solicitors certificate for mandatory payment lifetime mortgages