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Long term funding of adult social care inquiry 2018

ORGANISATIONS: House of CommonsCommunities and Local Government CommitteeHouse of Commons: Health Committee

POLICY AREAS: Adult social careEquity releaseSocial Care

Council response published on 07 March 2018

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Equity Release Council response to Communities and Local Government and Health Committees joint inquiry on the long-term funding and provision of...

Our Future Approach to Consumers

ORGANISATIONS: Financial Conduct Authority

POLICY AREAS: Consumer inclusionConsumer protectionRegulationVulnerability

Council response published on 05 February 2018

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The FCA is seeking views on issues including consumer responsibility, identifying vulnerability, and the line between the FCA’s remit and...

Hitting the Target: Better Retirement Outcomes

ORGANISATIONS: Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association

POLICY AREAS: Pension ProvisionVulnerabilityRetirement Planning

Council response published on 10 January 2018

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The Council is focusing its response on Q14, as mentioned above. In our submission, we will emphasise the level of housing wealth...

CP17/32: Quarterly Consultation Paper No.18

ORGANISATIONS: Financial Conduct Authority

POLICY AREAS: Retirement Interest-only Mortgages

Council response published on 01 November 2017

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Introduction  The Equity Release Council is the industry body for the equity release sector. The Council represents over 650 members,...
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