Financial Advisers

Annual Membership Fee scale for 2024 financial adviser organisations:

1 to 9 Advisers

£322 per head

10 to 49 Advisers

£268 per head

50-199 Advisers

£214 per head

200+ Advisers

£209 per head

*NB: An application fee of £70.00 would be required for each individual associated with the application

Please note: that financial adviser organisations applying for membership must complete and submit the application form which can be found on the menu to the right. All sections applicable for both the firm and each individual will need to be completed.

Membership Fees - Financial Advisers

Applications from Adviser firms are welcome subject to the following criteria.

Directly Authorised (DA)

In order to validate a firm membership, all suitably qualified individuals who are actively providing advice on equity release must join at the same time along with the firm’s application, and this list of individuals should be regularly updated with new joiners and leavers. There will be application fees payable for each individual and firm application at the outset, and annual membership fees will be calculated on a matrix of headcount in each DA firm (see table below). All subscription and charges will be billed directly to the firm only for all aspects of the application. Should a DA subsequently become an Appointed Representative (AR)then the rules applicable for AR will apply (see below), and The Equity Release Council (The Council) reserves the right to cancel any membership that does not comply or satisfy with the requirements set out at that time.

Appointed Representative (AR)

Applications will only be accepted from ARs whose Principal firm is a member of The Equity Release Council (The Council). Where the Principal is confirmed as a member the application submitted from an AR will be subject to the same validation criteria as a DA. Recognising the differing business models of the Network community the Council can discuss and agree the options for the most appropriate method of joining with each Network. There will be application fees payable at the outset, and annual membership fees. All subscriptions and charges for ARs will be billed directly to the Principal firm and not the AR unless otherwise agreed. It should be noted that any AR firm who subsequently becomes Directly Authorised (DA) should advise The Council accordingly. The Council reserves the right to cancel any membership associated with the Principal should the Principal resign its own membership or where any memberships do not comply or satisfy with the requirements set out at that time. Any current member firms found to be an AR at point of renewal will be subject to the above criteria. Please email us at: [email protected] for Principal joining options and fees

Clubs (other adviser groups)

Any club representing a group of advisers can become a member in the Associate category. The club members however would still need to join in the capacity of one of the above as DA or AR. Please email us for Club fees


  • The current application fee which is £70 and the annual membership fee applicable,
  • Membership renewal fees are payable annually. The Equity Release Council reserves the right to change fee rates at point of renewal.
  • Completed applications should be emailed to [email protected] Once we have received your application we will arrange for an invoice to be emailed to you for the application fee and membership fee.
  • Please contact [email protected] regarding any queries about membership applications or fees.