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GCM Agenda 081217

File size: 297kb | Type: PDF | Council meetings

Agenda for General Council Meeting, 8th December 2017

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Great Retirement Money Debate: Mind Over Money - Summary Report 2017

File size: 1067kb | Type: PDF | Council publications

How the financial services sector can meet the health, wellbeing and vulnerability challenges of older consumers was the central theme of Mind Over Money, the Equity Release Council’s third annual Great Retirement Money Debate on 10 July 2017.


ERC Full Colour Logo DIGITAL

File size: 60kb | Type: PNG | Resources

September 2017


ERC Full Colour Logo PRINT

File size: 962kb | Type: JPG | Resources

ERC Logo CMYK-full_colour Print
September 2017


Equity Release Market Report Autumn 2017

File size: 809kb | Type: PDF | Council publications

The Autumn edition of the 2017 Equity Release Market Report comes at a time when the challenge of ensuring consumers are equipped with adequate financial provision in later life has never been more at the centre of public debate. The UK’s older population continues to grow and the reality of a shift from defined benefit (DB) to defined contribution (DC) pensions will likely result in future retirees facing a greater shortfall in later life than previous generations unless a blend of savings, wealth and assets are used to fund retirement.


Consumer Protection Working Group - Case Study Research & Best Practice

File size: 388kb | Type: PDF | Resources

Download the CPWG Case study research and best practice tips. Covering: Duress, Fraud/Theft, Abuse of Power and Drawdown

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Consumer Information Brochure

File size: 493kb | Type: PDF | Brochures

Consumer Information Brochure


Minutes of 23rd AGM 270417

File size: 616kb | Type: PDF | Council meetings

Minutes of ECR 23rd AGM, held on 27th April 2017

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Adviser Guide to Equity Release

File size: 7686kb | Type: PDF | Resources

We have put together this guide to help you when advising your clients on equity release. This guide will not only show you the features of the available propositions, but also help guide you through the actual advice process. You will find information on market background, reasons to engage in this market, and what qualification routes are required in order to be able to advise on this type of product effectively. It is designed to give you a deeper understanding of the products, and the wider market, which will help you to become confident about engaging in this market, and in promoting the product’s features and benefits to your clients.


Equity Release Rebooted white paper - April 2017

File size: 2133kb | Type: PDF | Council publications

Wealth accumulated via mortgage repayments reaches a record £62.7 billion in 2016 as UK faces a retirement income crisis

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