March 20, 2019

Policy and Communications Committee

Comprising membership expertise from a range of disciplines including financial advice, strategic communications, marketing and policy development, this committee provides strategic direction to the public policy and communications activities of the Council, making recommendations directly to the our Main Board.

March 20, 2019

Long Term Care Working Group

The long term care group is examining the potential funding system options and exploring how innovative equity release products could best fill the gap between the cost of care and the amount that people can expect the state to provide for them. The group is tasked with formulating an industry response to the gap in social care funding.

March 20, 2019

Conduct Forum

The conduct forum assesses the potential impact of key issues and thematic conduct risks within the equity release market. It considers any actions required, highlighting any that should be escalated through the Council and regulators. In addition, the forum reviews and considers complaints including any emerging trends with root cause both from market participants and consumers.

March 20, 2019

Competency Framework Working Group

The competency framework working group is supporting the creation of the Council’s new competency framework which is aimed at setting the standards and guidelines around competence, training and qualifications for professionals in the Equity Release market.

Council members can find more information about our committees and working groups in the Members’ Lounge, including the contact details for the chair of each group.

Any non-members who wish to engage with any of the committees or working groups should contact [email protected]