The Council actively engages with a wide range of stakeholders - from across government, regulators, industry and the voluntary sector - to positively influence the development of public policy, raising the profile of the opportunities that equity release can provide. Underpinning all of our work, is the Council’s commitment to consumer protections and safeguards, in order to deliver the best possible consumer outcomes.

Key activities include direct engagement with ministers and parliamentarians, delivering keynote speeches at industry events and representing the views of the equity release sector through Council responses to consultations.

Members are encouraged to input into these policy submissions via the Respond button within each consultation. Please note, the closing date for member responses will be set a minimum 48 hours before the submission deadline to allow time to coordinate comments.

The Council’s consultation activities can be found via the search following search tools:

Include open for consultation - The Council is preparing its response and welcomes input from members via the feedback link provided.

Include closed for consultation - The Council is finalising its response. The opportunity for member comment prior to Council submission has now closed.

Include response submitted - The Council has responded to the consultation and the response can be viewed.