The Council’s aims and objectives are centred on sustaining and growing this safe and innovative market, whilst ensuring continued focus is on positive outcomes for the consumer. We aim to provide unbiased information, educating the consumer, influencing policy and positioning equity release as a true and relevant mainstream option in the ‘At and In' retirement phases of our economic infrastructure.

As the Trade Body representing all stakeholder firms in the equity release industry we therefore welcome applications from Provider firms, Adviser firms, Solicitor/legal executives & conveyancing firms as well as a number of firms who have a vested interest in the sector who may be able to join our Associated category. For more information on fees and pertinent information relating to your membership category, please visit the specific sections found on the right hand menu.

Please note we do not accept individual applications on their own without also receiving a Firm’s application except for those being added to an existing Firm membership.

For the full list of what Equity Release Council membership could mean for you, please click on the following link: or follow the link of the sub menu within this section.

On the right hand side of this page you can download the application form (that is used for both firms and individual applications). Download the application, complete and email to us at [email protected].

Once we have received your application we will arrange for an invoice to be emailed to you for the application fee and membership fee.

If you should have any queries please contact us at [email protected].  Applications can take up to 4 weeks, however depending on the nature of your application this may take a shorter or longer timeframe. We will endeavour to keep you updated along the way.

Please click on the Terms and Conditions at the bottom of the page to view The Council's Privacy Policy.