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Interactive Application Form

File size: 4042kb | Type: PDF | Resources

Application form for new members


Adviser Guide to Equity Release

File size: 7686kb | Type: PDF | Resources

We have put together this guide to help you when advising your clients on equity release. This guide will not only show you the features of the available propositions, but also help guide you through the actual advice process. You will find information on market background, reasons to engage in this market, and what qualification routes are required in order to be able to advise on this type of product effectively. It is designed to give you a deeper understanding of the products, and the wider market, which will help you to become confident about engaging in this market, and in promoting the product’s features and benefits to your clients.


Equity Release Rebooted white paper - April 2017

File size: 2133kb | Type: PDF | Council publications

Wealth accumulated via mortgage repayments reaches a record £62.7 billion in 2016 as UK faces a retirement income crisis


Ombudsman News March/April 2017

File size: 467kb | Type: PDF | Regulatory

Plans into Action
It’s become a bit of a cliché to talk about putting people before process. But it’s a phrase that sticks around because it’s a perennial problem organisations grapple with – particularly large ones, where it can sometimes feel that internal procedures work against customer service and common sense.

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ERC Final 2016 Accounts - Companies House

File size: 118kb | Type: PDF | Council publications

ERC Final 2016 Accounts - Companies House

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Response to FCA Consultation on Appropriate Qualification Exam Standards

File size: 28kb | Type: DOCX | Regulatory

Equity Release Council - Response to FCA consultation on appropriate qualification exam standards, December 2016

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Checklist for Advisers

File size: 436kb | Type: PDF | Resources

This guide is designed to provide you with direction when you’re advising customers on equity release. It covers 13 of the most significant points to consider in the advice process and when you’re assessing the customer’s suitability for equity release. You should also refer to other industry practice notes for fuller details of the advice requirements outlined in MCOB Chapter 8.

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GCM 8th December 2016 Agenda

File size: 292kb | Type: PDF | Council meetings

Agenda for GCM

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Minutes from AGM 28th April 2016

File size: 581kb | Type: PDF | Council meetings

Minutes from 22nd AGM held on 28th April 2016

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ER Council response to HM Treasury's consultation: Introducing a Pensions Advice Allowance - Oct 2016

File size: 271kb | Type: PDF | Parliamentary

ER Council response to HMT consultation: Introducing a Pensions Advice Allowance

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