Since 1991 we have been protecting the interests of retired homeowners who take out an equity release plan.

Every provider member of Equity Release Council has pledged to observe our Statement of Principles which provides you with the following guarantees;


You will never owe more than the value of your property – the “no negative equity guarantee”

You have the freedom to move to a suitable alternative property if you wish, without any financial penalty.

You will be provided with fair and easy to understand presentation of the plan, including the limits and benefits of the plan plus your obligations .

You have the right to choose an independent solicitor of your own choice.

The solicitor must also sign a Equity Release Council certificate to verify that you the customer understands the implications of the plan and the impact equity release has on your estate.  You will also be asked to sign the Certificate to confirm that you have received information on all the points listed in the Certificate.


All members that display the Equity Release logo in their literature must abide by the above set of Principles which are detailed in the enclosed brochure. Details of the companies who subscribe to Equity Release Council are available in our member directory and also the download . Please feel free to contact any one of them for further information about the specific products they provide.

Should you wish to enquire into taking out an equity release plan, you will need to speak to a specialist financial advisor who is qualified in equity release.