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Initial Fact Find - Part 1 

This section, which is part of a sample, courtesy of Age Partnership, provides an overview of the facts and information to be gathered outlining the clients’ personal circumstances and objectives. It helps to clearly capture the required information, whilst ensuring the adviser considers all options and does not jeopardise the existing status of the customer ie. entitlement to benefits.  


Key Facts Illustration - Part 2

This document by Pure Retirement is an example of a section of a typical Key Facts Illustration you are likely to come across. All lenders are bound by certain criteria and the KFI details elements such as the product proposed, the amount of borrowing, interest rates, how the interest will accrue, early repayment charges if applicable etc


Suitability Report - Part 3

A Suitability Report example courtesy of  Age Partnership which confirms the advice given as well as the reasons for the recommendations.  All data are based on the Initial Fact Find & Key Facts Illustration. This is a very important document and forms the permanent record so care and time to complete is paramount


Suitability Letter Builder  -  Part 4 

A resource courtesy of LV= helping financial advisers put together the different segments of a suitability letter/report 


General Objection Handling - Part 5 

You may have seen some of this type of guidance in other areas of financial services. This is a resource to help advisers generally with the types of objections that they may come across and guidance as how to overcome them - a Guide by Pure Retirement


Customer Journey - Part 6

  • Application to Offer
  • Offer to Completion

For those who appreciate a visual interpretation of the process these two swim-lane style flowcharts are a clear representation of the journey:

• Application to Offer
• Offer to Completion



Sales Support Templates - Part 7

A useful range of templates you can use directly to contact/talk to your client base. Provided by Just Retirement they could help you grow and/or develop your business. They include:

  • Introductory letters/email templates prompting your clients about ‘reviewing your retirement’ and ‘Your retirement options’
  • Posters, Press advertising and direct mail templates, and;
  • A template that you can give your customers to help them consider their circumstances

The Porting Process - Part 8

A step-by-step guide provided by Pure Retirement on the basics of the transfer of an existing product from one property to another



3rd Party Client Declaration Form - Part 9

A template by Viva Retirement Solutions one of our newest adviser firms to ensure the subject of family inclusion is covered off specifically with each client they meet


Marketing Templates - Part 10

Marketing is a key element to helping your business find new clients, keeping existing ones and increase profitability. Via this link, you will be able to access a range of marketing templates for your business - courtesy of Aviva. They include how to tailor your messaging on emails, letters, utilising social media and there is yet more information on how to create an effective press ad from one of the marketing giants



Marketing Support - Part 11

An easy to follow guide from Pure Retirement covering the elements of:

  • Segmentation and customer profiles
  • How to manage a contact campaign

All with the aim of supporting your equity release business growth



Customer Referrals - Part 12

A topic that many advisers find challenging is how and when to pursue a referral: Pure Retirement’s referral model and its 3 stages outlined here aim to help you identify opportunities, and dispelling the myths which might be difficult or uncomfortable to do

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