The Council is fortunate to be supported by a wealth of expertise from around the sector. These are primarily individuals from member firms and some from other bodies who have a connection to the sector or a vested interest in the activity within it.

These experts are called upon to undertake a variety of duties in the furtherance of the key areas of focus for the Council.

These include groups such as:

Public Affairs/Public relations – experts who support and help provide guidance on issues relating to where we need to engage on public affairs matters that are impacting on the sector and its customers. A constant finger on the pulse and a sometimes required fast-moving reactive demand, this group has an interest in many areas affecting the entire financial services sector.

Consumer interest/protection – populated by a group of people from all areas of the membership who monitor and guide the Council on areas where the interest of the consumer is of paramount importance. This has quite a wide remit and they keep a watching brief on a manner of topics including any emerging trends of fraud that consumers may face from unscrupulous 3rd parties trying to access their funds, to how we can as an industry help family members help each other when there may be issue of cognitive decline or other issues affecting the capability of the very people we want to be able to help.

Regulatory/Technical working groups – these groups tend to be very technical in nature and require specific experts from within the sector to deliberate, research and conduct focussed work on behalf of the industry. They have reach as far as discussions on the impact of Brexit on the market to the content of the documentation and processes undertaken across the sector. They liaise primarily with our financial regulators The Prudential Regulation Authority and The Financial Conduct Authority