The Equity Release Council (ERC/the Council), a not-for-profit organisation, is the industry body for the equity release sector. It aims to fully represent and facilitate the safe growth of theFront of House equity release market by helping to create the conditions which enable the market to develop effectively.  Built on the legacy of a predecessor body called SHIP (Safe Home Income Plans), the Council was launched in 2012 and represents over 180 member firms and over 500 individuals; including lenders, qualified financial advisers, solicitors/conveyancers, surveyors, and other industry professionals – each committed to the Council’s aims and objectives that aims to ensure good outcomes for the consumer where protections and safeguards are a continuing feature.

The Council’s continued efforts in developing, maintaining and enforcing the integrity of an appropriate set of rules and principles to ensure consumers can access the highest standards of advice and secure solutions to release equity from their homes remains a high priority. Put simply we believe in protecting and educating the consumer to the valid use and access to equity release by guiding and supporting the profession on their delivery.

Our structure

We are supported by a framework of contributors to our work primarily drawn from the membership who have in-depth knowledge and experience of this sector and of the wider socio economic environment.

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Main Board of Directors

Subject to a set of Articles of Association, the directors appointed to the Main Board of the Equity Release Council are responsible for the management of the Council’s business. Currently there are nine members elected from within the membership by the membership on a cycle of two year terms of office, and there are three directors that have been appointed by those elected to serve to oversee the running of the Council, which include the Chairman, the Standards Board Chairman and The Chief Operating Officer



When considering an equity release plan we recommend customers talk to a specialist member of the Equity Release Council. All of our members have agreed to abide by the Council rules and have signed up to the Statement of Principles.

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A comprehensive reference guide, created to help financial advisers set up or develop their equity release business. Available in bite size sections to download and read at your leisure.

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